Elia, a sustainable employer

At Elia, sustainability is part of our DNA. Over the years we managed to create a real sustainable dynamic within the company.


A network of ambassadors was created at Elia before the summer of 2018. Developed at the initiative of passionate colleagues, the group shares ideas, tips and tricks, successes and events, and organises workshops within the company through a cooperative process. Ideas are also shared via the intranet, with all colleagues who are familiar with the issue being able to take part.

Sustainable food

From small snacks eaten at the desk or on the worksite to a full meal enjoyed in the company restaurant, food is consumed at a number of times throughout the workday.

With an average of 300 meals served at its Brussels-based sites every day, Elia is working with its service provider Aramark to offer sustainable food in its restaurants. As a basis, we used the criteria of the Brussels Capital Region's GoodFood label, which we would like to obtain by the end of 2018.

We put jugs of water on the tables in our restaurants. We favour the use of seasonal fruit and vegetables and products from organic or integrated farming, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers. We offer varied, balanced menus with a vegetarian option. We do not cook eggs from battery hens and prefer to buy farm chickens (minimum 20% by weight, on an annual basis) rather than chickens raised in battery cages. We choose fish caught through sustainable fishing. Fish that are classified as 'red' in the WWF sustainable seafood guide are no longer on the menu. For exotic products and coffee, we opt for fair trade.

Learn more about  safety and diversity at Elia

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