Congestion management

This section provides an overview of the congestion management actions performed by Elia, either for its own needs or to support a neighboring TSO

Commission Regulation (EU) n° 543/2013 on submission and publication of data in electricity markets defines the concepts of Redispatching and Countertrading as follows :

“Redispatching” : Measure activated by one or several system operators by altering the generation and/or load pattern in order to change physical flows in the transmission system and relieve a physical congestion.

Further distinction can be made between:

  • Internal Redispatching : All redispatching bids are performed in the control area where the congestion is located.
  • Cross-Border Redispatching : The redispatching bids are performed in different control areas.

“Countertrading” : Cross zonal exchange initiated by system operators between two bidding zones to relieve physical congestion.

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