Our projects in your area

A safe, reliable and efficient grid is key to keeping the lights on and integrating large volumes of renewable energy and new types of consumption. Elia is building the transmission infrastructure of the future to integrate increasing volumes of renewable energy generated onshore and off into the European grid. You can also find us hard at work in your area. Read on to find out where.

Elia is investing in your area !

The energy transition calls for carbon-free power generation, meaning that more electricity will need to be generated from renewable energy sources. These renewable resources must be integrated into an electricity system that delivers excellent performance at regional, national and European level.

The electricity transmission system plays a leading role in bringing about the energy transition, as it is the vehicle for the supply of sustainable, reliable and affordable energy. 

  • Maximum use is made of existing infrastructure.
  • New infrastructure is designed to avoid any impact on the surrounding area.
  • Extra measures are taken to minimise any unavoidable impact.
  • The remaining impacts are remedied and sometimes result in financial compensation.

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