Adequacy studies

Elia has been tasked with conducting adequacy and flexibility studies for the Belgian electricity system. Why is this important?

A biennial task

The European electricity system is undergoing a profound and rapid evolution. It is facing unprecedented changes and needs to adapt in order to respond to major challenges (such as the integration of high volumes of variable renewables, the increase in decentralisation, digitalisation, the emergence of new players, and the phase-out of some conventional generation sources), all while safeguarding security of supply, maintaining grid balance and remaining competitive with neighbouring countries.

Belgium’s federal government is urging Elia, as the country’s transmission system operator, to take action by serving as expert, facilitator and coordinator in the debate surrounding security of supply. This has also resulted in the amendment of the Federal Electricity Act of 29 April 1999 on the organisation of the electricity market. Elia has been tasked with conducting a ten-year adequacy and flexibility analysis for the Belgian electricity system. Elia will perform this analysis every other year.


Elia has previously published studies highlighting the impact of major changes to the Belgian energy system and outlining how to prepare for these changes in time. The latest report builds on these previous reports and describes the adequacy and flexibility needs for 2024-2034.

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