Walloon green certificates – Frequently asked questions

Useful information about the sale of green certificates to Elia and Elia's payments to producers

Important change

Under the Transfer Decree adopted by the Walloon Parliament on 31 January 2019, which amends the Decree of 12 April 2001 on the organisation of the regional electricity market, the Walloon Public Service for Spatial Planning, Housing, Heritage and Energy took over the treatment of the files concerning green production since 1 May 2019. For the comprehension of the site, the term 'administrative authority' should be understood as referring to CWaPE before 30 April 2019 and the Walloon Public Service for Spatial Planning, Housing, Heritage and Energy from 1 May 2019 onwards.

  • I registered a sale of green certificates via the administrative authority extranet. When I will receive payment?
    By law, the administrative authority has 75 days in which to draw up and send a payment list to Elia. Elia will make the relevant payments within 45 days of receiving the payment requests for Walloon green certificates from the administrative authority. The dates of receipt of requests for payment for Walloon green certificates are published on the Elia website under 'Elia payments for Walloon green certificates'.
  • Why have I not received payment for the green certificates I sold to Elia?
    Check the FAQ on the administrative authority's website to find the answer to your question.
  • How do I sell my advance-issue green certificates to Elia at the guaranteed minimum price?
    You can find all the information you need under 'Sale of green certificates to Elia'.
  • I want to sell my green certificates to Elia. Can you send me a contract for the sale of green certificates?
    Since Elia is required to purchase green certificates in Wallonia at the guaranteed minimum price of €65, you do not need to sign a contract to sell your green certificates. As a green power producer, you can choose, when entering your meter reading, to sell your certificates on the open market or to Elia.
  • I stated via the administrative authorityextranet that I wanted to sell my green certificates to Elia. How do I send you my bank account number so that you can pay me for the green certificates?
    Elia will use the bank details recorded in the administrative authority's database to make the payment. Producers (holders of a green certificate account) can update their bank details by completing the bank detail declaration form on the administrative authority's website or simply by contacting the administrative authority's call centre. The administrative authority will forward your bank details to Elia, which will then make the payment.
  • The sale of my green certificates is subject to VAT. What do I have to do to receive payment for the green certificates I sold to Elia?
    If, when entering your metering reading, you do not opt to sell your green certificates directly to Elia, you lose the right to sell them at the guaranteed minimum price of €65. Elia will no longer be able to purchase them. You will have to try to find a buyer on the open market.

If you have questions on the sale of Walloon green certificates to Elia
You can reach us from 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday to Friday. 
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