Rational use of energy

Elia customers in Flanders can apply for a grant to help them implement energy-saving measures. How does this work?

Elia customers in Flanders (at voltage levels from 26 kV and up to and including 70 kV) can apply for an investment grant to help them implement measures intended to save primary energy. This is set out in the Rational Use of Energy (RUE) action plan.

What are the conditions?

The general terms and conditions applicable as of 01/01/2024 are available here (in Dutch).

The general terms and conditions applicable between 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023 are available here (in Dutch).  

Below are the most important terms and conditions.

  • An energy study must first be carried out by a recognized energy expert, the customer himself or another party appointed by the customer. Then the customer sends the request to Elia. The actual implementation of energy-saving measures may only take place after the application date, but engineering and preparatory work is allowed before the application date. A tool allowing to calculate the IRR is available here (in Dutch).
  • The time between the customer requesting the premium from Elia and the request for payment of the premium after realization of the measure may not exceed 2 years. If this deadline is not respected, the premium granted will automatically be reduced to €0.
  • The amount of the premium is calculated based on the post-tax internal rate of return (IRR) of the measure. Measures with an expected post-tax IRR greater than 13% will not be supported.
  • On the date of reporting of the measure, the total de-minimis support granted for the period consisting of the then current calendar year as well as the two previous calendar years, including the expected Elia RUE premium for the reported Measure, may not exceed the threshold of €200,000. If it does, the Premium is reduced to €0. (see also www.vlaio.be/nl/begeleiding-advies/financiering/overheidsmaatregelen/veelgestelde-vragen-de-minimis).
  • The premiums that Elia can grant on the basis of the RUE Action Plan are limited by the available budget.
  • Measures covered by the CHP and green certificates system (solar panels, etc.) do not qualify for premiums.


The flowchart below provides a general overview of the applicable procedure.

  • Energy study

    The energy study or energy audit is performed by a recognized energy expert, the client itself or another party appointed by the client. A recognized energy expert is recognized or accepted under an energy policy agreement, the Energy Planning Decree or another recognition scheme of the Flemish government for providing energy advice to companies. An energy study or energy audit accepted on the basis of another support scheme of the Flemish government is also accepted.

  • Applications

    Application for the premium must be made using the application form (in Dutch). Elia has the right to request additional information if it deems it necessary to complete the application file. Among other things, the premium application is requested to submit for approval a calculation of the energy saving potential as well as a calculation of the after-tax IRR of the measure.

    The measures for which customers can submit an 'Application for Premium' to Elia can be divided into two categories. This subdivision is done according to the internal rate of return or IRR after tax and corresponding percentage intervention by Elia expressed as a percentage of the directly demonstrable investment cost: 

    IRR after tax Investment  Aid Elia
    Between 0% and 10%  60% 
    Between 10% and 13%  (13 – IRR)*20 %

    Measures with an expected after-tax IRR greater than 13% are not supported.

    If the application is declared admissible, the approval decision will be prepared.

  • Reporting

    After the implementation of the measure, the applicant must provide Elia with the reporting form (in Dutch) related to the implemented measure. Also, the applicant must attach the corresponding invoices to the reporting file so that the full reported investment costs are accounted for on the basis of supporting documents. Elia may request additional information.

    To be able to claim the aid, the Customer is required to enclose with the reporting form a declaration, dated and signed on honor, confirming that the total de minimis support granted over the period consisting of the then current calendar year as well as the two preceding calendar years, including the expected Elia REG Premium for the reported Measure, will not exceed the threshold of €200,000.

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