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Elia records and checks the exchanges of energy on its grid every quarter of an hour. They are measured by meters that are installed and managed by Elia.

Metering services

Elia's high-voltage grid is fitted with metering devices that are used to record and check data about energy flows at our grid connections and interconnections, enabling Elia to ensure the technical and economic management of the transmission of energy. The energy measurements comply with Belgian legislation and are taken at 15-minute intervals.

Elia has proven experience in meter management, the provision of metering and measurement data, and data aggregation and communication.

Elia also uses the metering data it gathers and processes to provide a range of metering services, which fall into two categories: standard metering services and additional metering services. Which metering services does Elia offer? How can I access the metering data that are sent out as messages?                                                                                                      

Access to metering messages

The metering data that Elia obtains from its meters are aggregated, processed and shared with market players in messages. If you wish to access these metering messages, check the following pages:                                                                       
  • Submitting a request for access to metering messages

    One of the first steps is to fill out a form requesting access to metering messages. You should also fill out this form if you simply wish to gain additional access for one of your in-house employees.
    Click on the link below to view the form, along with some information to help you fill it out

    Find out more

  • Installation procedure

    Elia uses appropriate protocols to provide market players with metering data.
    If you would like more information about the installation and access procedure, click on the link below:

    Find out more

Elia Metering Services
For technical questions about metering data and the provision of metering data:
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