Purchasing ethics

Elia has drawn up strict purchasing rules to safeguard confidentiality, promote transparency and prevent discrimination or conflicts of interest.

Everybody involved in the purchasing process must abide by Elia's code of ethics governing this activity and all the associated regulations. Failure to comply with them may have serious and immediate consequences for both the company and any individual Elia employee concerned.

Our code of ethics for purchasing is based on a number of principles:



Our employees treat confidential information about the Elia Group, its customers and suppliers with the appropriate care. One of Elia's priorities is to maintain the confidentiality of the information available to it in its role of grid operator. Furthermore, the relevant legislation requires transmission system operators to sign an enhanced confidentiality undertaking. Therefore, suppliers with access to data relating to Elia customers must sign a confidentiality undertaking.


Non-discrimination against suppliers

The following principles apply:

  •  application and tender analysis based on technical and commercial criteria that are objectively established in advance;
  •  compliance with legislation, in particular regarding competition in relation to public works, supplies and services contracts for companies in the energy sector;
  •  awarding of the contract to the supplier who best meets the established criteria.



As well as respecting the principle of confidentiality, the Purchasing Department operates in complete transparency vis-à-vis its internal customers and Elia line management. It also applies an open and transparent information policy to all suppliers.


Prevention of conflicts of interest

To avoid any risk of influencing the procedure or discriminating against suppliers, all parties involved in the procurement procedure rule out any unethical or compromising behaviour or activity vis-à-vis suppliers or any actions that may suggest it.


External system for reporting integrity violations

Elia has set up a system for reporting violations of the code of ethics or of the applicable laws and regulations. More information on the dedicated webpage.

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