Customer Hub

The Customer Hub is the web portal Elia uses to exchange information with customers. How does it work in practice?

Target group

The Customer Hub is open to direct customers, distribution system operators, grid operators and all those involved in renewing an access contract (specifically appendices 2 and 3).

Access to Customer Hub

Contract Viewer

The Contract Viewer feature displays a list of all of your company's connection, access and BRP contracts and provides access to your cooperation agreements (for DSOs).
Copies of all contracts and their appendices are available in PDF format. You can also consult an overview of your points of contact and their contractual roles, the invoiced company and your billing address.

The tool lists your company's access or interconnection points alongside their expiration dates. Moreover, you have the option to electronically renew appendices 2 and 3 of the access contract covering your access points.

Invoice Viewer

The Invoice Viewer provides access to your company's invoices and related documents. You can use this module to consult and download your invoices and related attachments regarding access, imbalance and grid connections (direct customers and DSOs), as well as your company's preliminary studies, in-depth studies and new or modified grid connections.

Customer Relations
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