If you are a producer or customer who wants to connect electrical facilities to our grid, you can sign a connection contract with us.

The installations that link a grid user’s electrical facilities to the grid are known as connection facilities, or simply the connection. These connection facilities, and the rights and obligations of Elia and the grid user in relation to them, form the subject of a connection contract between the two parties.

Connection to our grid

Submitting a connection request is the first step towards connecting your electrical facilities to our grid. What does the request process entail?

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Adjusting a connection

Grid users wishing to adjust their connection must notify Elia. How should they go about it?                                               

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Connection contract

Grid users have a connection contract with Elia. What are the terms of the contract?                                                                 

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Grid Hosting Capacity

Is it possible to get an initial indicative view of the available hosting capacity on the Elia grid prior to a connection study?

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