iCAROS / MARI: implementation, testing and Go-Live

The projects iCAROS and MARI are in implentation phase and (soon) testing phases with the SA(Scheduling Agent) / OPA(Outage Planning Agent) / BSP(balancing services providers) stakeholders and aiming for a Go Live in February 2024.


Integrated Coordination of Assets for Redispatching and Operational Security (‘iCAROS’) is a new way of working to ensure an efficient and modern Coordination and Congestion Management of system relevant assets of grid users. This in compliance with the European legislation.


The Manually Activated Reserves Initiative (MARI) Platform will allow the exchange of mFRR balancing energy between participating TSOs. The latest information and planning of the implementation of the platform can be found on the website of ENTSO-E.

MARI will enhance the efficiency of the European balancing system and will benefit both TSOs and BSPs. TSOs will gain access to competitive mFRR balancing energy bids from outside their country, while BSPs will be able sell their mFRR balancing energy to all participating TSOs.

Market common Testing Roadmap (details in the other key documents):

Elia has for objective to confirm a Go Live date on February 2024 after the successful common Tests with the currently active OPA/SA/BSP on the following dates.

Bilateral individual testing sessions can be organized on demand.

Technical guide update

Testing guideline

Other key documents

Testing tools/platforms

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