Safety is always Elia’s number-one priority. Our goal is zero accidents, not only for our own employees, but also for our contractors, the distribution system operators and anyone else in the vicinity of our facilities.

Elia wants everyone to go home safe and sound every day.

Safety: our top priority

Keeping everyone as safe as possible is vitally important to Elia. Only in a safe environment can we deliver outstanding work. That is why safety is one of our three core values: safety first, society’s interests first, and driven by performance. 


The Go for Zero programme covers all the projects designed to optimise safety and safety culture at Elia.

The programme is structured around four pillars:

1 Operational dialogue between colleagues and with supervisors.

  • We :
    • talk about safety;
    • tell each other about unsafe behavior;
    • seek safe solutions together.

2 Continuous improvement in the office and on site.

  • We :
    • eliminate problems;
    • devise solutions ourselves and put them into practice.

3 Skills.

  • We work continuously to develop our talents and skills in the fields of:
    • safety;
    • technology;
    • behaviour.

4 Consistency.

  • We involve everyone inside and outside Elia in our efforts to achieve our Go4Zero goal.
    • All safety-related activities are the same for Elia staff and external contractors.
    • We work together to build a strong safety culture.
    • We set a good example with our behaviour.

Handy toolkit in the time of corona

In order to integrate the social distancing and hygiene measures into the way we work and to guarantee maximum safety for everyone, we have developed a handy toolkit within Elia.

This toolkit is a practical guide to help our (operational) staff and contractors with the change in working methods. We make them available here so that others can use them or draw inspiration from them. After all, it is not always obvious to apply the measures taken to prevent the spread of the corona virus on the work floor.

The following documents have been developed:

  • Golden rules: the basic rules to ensure that you can work safely and hygienically even in the time of corona
  • LMRA - Last Minute Risk Analysis: handy checklist to use at the start of work
  • Specific risk analysis for work preparation, to be carried out in the context of the coronavirus
  • Q&A operational - questions and answers with respect to works in the field

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