Users’ Group

Elia maintains constant contact with its customers and partners through the Users’ Group, a discussion group made up of grid users’ representatives.

What does the Users’ Group do?

The Users’ Group creates special working groups and invites the market parties concerned to sit on them. These working groups pass on observations and recommendations to the relevant minister(s) and/or regulators.
The Users’ Group is made up of representatives of employers’ organisations, major users, Infrabel, traders, power exchanges, producers, suppliers, distribution system operators and FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy.
In addition to its plenary meeting, the Users’ Group has three permanent working groups: the Belgian Grid Working Group, the Balancing Working Group and the System Operation & European Market Design Working Group.


Plenary meeting

At plenary meetings, the Users’ Group working groups report back to Elia and Elia shares information about more strategic issues that are not discussed at working group meetings.

Read more about how the plenary meeting works


This calendar shows when meetings of the Users’ Group, its working groups and its task forces are scheduled to take place.


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