Electricity Market Facilitation

Elia shares the European ambition of having an integrated electricity market and encouraging various market players to provide system services.

Integrating electricity markets: capacity calculation & allocation

Coordinated capacity calculation and capacity allocation mechanisms enable electricity to be commercially exchanged across borders, from year-ahead to intraday, providing Belgian market parties with access to markets in other countries. Elia and other TSOs use transparent and non-discriminatory methods to calculate and allocate the available cross-border transmission capacities. 

The TSOs of the EU work closely together to create a European internal electricity market, fostering an efficient use of the European interconnected grid to exchange electricity between countries. The organisation and implementation of these markets is governed by means of a European legal framework (specifically, the codes known as CACM – Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management and FCA – Forward Capacity Allocation, as well as the Clean Energy Package). 
In its role as a market facilitator, Elia participates in various projects:
  • Delivery of pan-European methodologies through ENTSO-E.
  • Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC): Elia is part of the joint project of transmission system operators and NEMOs. The purpose of this project is the EU-wide introduction of integrated price coupling for the day-ahead market. The project itself is based on a previous project, Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC).
  • Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC), a project to set up European cross-border intraday market coupling (increasing the integration already achieved via the XBID project).
  • Elia is active in both the Core and Channel Capacity Calculation Regions (CCR), building upon expertise acquired through the set-up of market integration processes in the Central Western Europe (CWE) region.

Transfer of Energy

The Transfer of Energy mechanism allows a grid user to valorize his flexibility in the electricity markets or by means of a Flexibility Service Provider, independently from his supplier. The framework consists of specific rules to make this possible.
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