Payments for Walloon green certificates

Each month, Elia publishes the dates of receipt of payment requests relating to transactions approved by CWaPE.

How are the payments made?

Elia will make the relevant payments within 45 days of receiving sales transaction requests for Walloon green certificates from the administrative authority. The price of each green certificate that the local transmission system operator is required to buy is set at €65.

 Date of receipt of the requests for payment
 Validated by administrative authority  Date upon which Elia has received
the list of requests for paymen
October  2019 29 November 2019
September 2019 08 November 2019
August 2019 08 October 2019
July 2019 10 September 2019
June 2019 12 August 2019
May 2019 08 July 2019
April 2019 07 June 2019
March 2019 09 May 2019
February 2019 05 April 2019
January 2019 13 March 2019
December 2018 08 February 2019
November 2018 09 January 2019
October 2018 06 December 2018
September 2018 08 November 2018
August 2018 12 October 2018
July 2018 07 September 2018
June 2018 07 August 2018
May 2018 06 July 2018
April 2018  07 June 2018
March 2018 09 May 2018
February 2018 06 April 2018
January 2018 09 March 2018

Important change

 Under the Transfer Decree adopted by the Walloon Parliament on 31 January 2019, which amends the Decree of 12 April 2001 on the organisation of the regional electricity market, the Walloon Public Service for Spatial Planning, Housing, Heritage and Energy took over the treatment of the files concerning green production since 1 May 2019. For the comprehension of the site, the term 'administrative authority' should be understood as referring to CWaPE before 30 April 2019 and the Walloon Public Service for Spatial Planning, Housing, Heritage and Energy from 1 May 2019 onwards.

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If you have questions about entering your meter reading or having your sales transactions approved on the administrative authority's extranet, please contact the administrative authority directly.
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