Urgent Market Messages

Under Regulation (EC) No 1227/2011, Elia, as a TSO, is required to transmit any information of which it is the source and that may be regarded as 'inside information' within the meaning of the Regulation. 

Below, you will find links to the urgent market messages issued in connection with Elia's activities and duties as a system operator.

Balancing warnings

This Webfeed contains information relative to the execution of the operational procedure established by Elia in order to restore the balancing

Webfeed for the balancing

Strategic reserve warnings

This Webfeed provides up-to-date information on various aspects related to the operational strategic reserve process.

 Webfeed for the strategic reserve

Storm alert notifications

This Webfeed sends a notification when the forecasting tool detects a storm event in the North Sea in the next 36 hours.

Webfeed for Storm Events



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