Accessing our grid

Grid users must sign a standard access contract to gain access to our grid (i.e. have the right to inject or take off energy).

Submitting an access request

Submitting an access request to Elia is the first step towards concluding an access contract.

Requesters must complete this form and send it to the Elia Customer Support & Services Department.

Elia must receive this form at least one month before the desired start date of the access contract in question.

What does the access contract cover?

The access contract between Elia and an access holder may be signed by either the grid user themselves or by a third party (e.g. supplier or BRP) appointed by the grid user to this end.  This signatory is known as the access holder.

The access contract governs the access rights and obligations of both Elia and the customer (or a third party appointed by the latter) concerning:

  • fees for using the Elia grid (access tariffs);
  • Fees for connecting those injection or offtake points covered by this contract but not currently subject to a connection contract with Elia (connection tariffs).
For the duration of the contract, the access holder is entitled to:
  • Add access points to the contract (switching);
  • Change supplier (changing BRP );
  • Change BRP (changing BRP);
  • Appoint more than one BRP per access point, where provided for by law (shared supply/block supply).

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