Sustainability Governance and Reporting

Through its Code of Ethics, Elia ensures ethical operations and behaviour. The Code of Ethics concerns a number of important aspects that are applicable to every day operations.


Discrimination commitment & equal opportunities

The Code of Ethics for example oversees that discrimination within the organisation is not tolerated. This applies regardless of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, natural extraction, social origin, age, sexual orientation or physical capabilities.

In addition, it aims to ensure that all employees receive equal opportunities through fair judgement. Elia’s internal policy on discrimination and equal opportunities builds on the International Labour Organization convention C111 concerning Discrimination.


Whistleblower program

In 2017, Elia has put in place a whistleblower programme to allow for grievances to be reported as soon as they occur. This programme has been communicated to all employees, as it is they who fuel the programme by identifying any malpractices. Employees can communicate a grievance at any time, either in person to a dedicated Elia member of staff that is concerned in this matter, or via mail or our internal hotline.

This whistleblower programme is also available to our suppliers or contractors, to report, anonymously on any grievance. The hotline and mail account is also available to our customers and citizens. As such, the programme is available in the local languages of those countries where Elia operates.

With any report being dealt with in anonymity, Elia guarantees a non-retaliation policy. This is even the case should an investigated report prove to be unfounded. In 2019, Elia will start disclosing the number of grievances reported, the different types of misconducts, and the effective measures taken.


Bribery & corruption

As part of the Code of Ethics, a policy regarding bribery and corruption has been formulated. The Code of Ethics outlines what is considered bribery and corruption. Apart from barring any involvement in a practice (be it direct or indirect via our suppliers) where bribery or corruption has taken place, Elia also focusses on capacity building for our employees. Trainings allow employees to recognize behaviours or incidents where bribery or corruption may be at play, and provides them with a safe, anonymous space to report any such matter (via our whistleblower program).


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