System Services

System services enable Elia to operate the grid in a secure way. Elia procures these services via contracts with specific providers.


Supporting secure system operations

System services enable Elia to maintain frequency and voltage at appropriate levels, to control congestion risks, and to manage the balance between production and consumption. 

Since Elia does not have the facilities to change injection or offtake, it uses flexibility or capacity from generators and consumers to ensure the reliability of the high-voltage grid and the quality of the energy supply. These services are known as system or ancillary services.

Why take part?

By supplying ancillary services, grid users become actively involved in managing and helping to ensure the efficient operation of the Elia grid. Consumers benefit from cost optimisation as it lowers Elia's costs, which have a direct impact on Elia's tariffs.
More efficient operation also enables Elia to better scale its investments in grid infrastructure, which in turn has a positive impact on Elia tariffs.
Also, at the very least, the compensation paid by Elia can cover grid users' costs for providing ancillary services.


Elia organises the system services procured from market providers into five distinct categories.
Depending on the service, providers can deliver the service in a mandatory or voluntary framework, ranging from daily-basis to multiple-year contracts.

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