Auction Results

Elia publishes the results of the weekly and monthly auctions it organises to provide the balancing capacity it needs.

On this page, Elia publishes the results of the weekly and monthly auctions it holds to procure the primary reserve (R1/FCR), secondary reserve (R2/aFRR) and tertiary reserve (R3/mFRR) volumes it needs.

Primary control volume is purchased in two stages: the first auction is organised through local procurement platform STAR, while the second is organised through regional procurement platform

All auctions for secondary and tertiary control volume are organised through local procurement platform STAR.


Number of tendering periods :

Primary and secondary reserve

Tertiary reserve


Tertiary Reserve – Daily Procurement




  • Average price

    This is the weighted average price for all selected bids, taking into account the tariff period for the relevant reserve product and the delivery period.

  • Total volume offered

    This column shows the sum of the total volume offered for the ‘BASE’ tariff period and for all countries offering the service type. It is not related to the ‘Tariff period’ and ‘Country’ columns.
    For regional R1/FCR procurement, this value is capped at 70% of the required R1/FCR volume.

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