Volumes needs

Volume needs of FCR and aFRR Capacity

The table below shows the required volume for FCR and aFRR reserves, approved by CREG.

  Required total volumes for year 2023 [MW]  Required total volumes for year 2024 [MW]
Primary Frequency Control (0s - 30s)
88 MW 93 MW*
Secondary Frequency Control (30s – 15min)
117 MW 117 MW

*Of which 28 MW Core Share

Dynamic FRR needs and mFRR volumes

The table below shows the upward FRR needs and mFRR balancing capacity according to the new calculation method which will be used to determine the mFRR volumes to be procured as from the ‘go live’ of the new mFRR design. The results of the downward FRR needs are published ex post on trimestral basis as there is no procurement foreseen of downward mFRR balancing capacity.

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