Here you will find the agenda for meetings of the Task Force CRM, information on the issues discussed and the approved minutes of the meetings.

  • President: James Matthys-Donnadieu
  • Secretary: Martine Verelst

27.03.2019 – Kick-off

26.04.2019 – TF CRM #1


General Introduction (Elia - Patrik Buijs)

Volume assessment methodology

Demand curve Y-axis principles

Investment Thresholds and Eligibility Criteria (CREG)

Auction Design principles

Product Design principles

Approved minutes

23.05.2019 – TF CRM #2


Feedback from Stakeholders - FEBEG

Strike & reference price principles (Elia – Nicolas Koelman)

Intermediate price caps (Elia – Elmo Van Thielen)

Principles Derating factors (Elia – Daniel Huertas Hernando)

Capacity Product - Monitoring Trigger and Monitoring Methodology (Elia – Elmo Van Thielen)

Approved minutes

13.06.2019 – TF CRM #3


Feedback from Stakeholders :

Demand Curve (Elia – Daniel Huertas Hernando) 

Product : Availability Obligations (Elia – Elmo Van Thielen) 

  • Principles on penalties
  • Examples on determination of available capacity

Aggregation (Elia – Patrik Buijs)

Investment Thresholds & Eligibility criteria (CREG)

Strike & reference price – overview current proposals (Elia – Patrik Buijs)

Pay-as-Bid vs Pay-as-Cleared – overview current proposals (Elia – Patrik Buijs)

Approved minutes

09.07.2019 – TF CRM #4


Feedback from Stakeholders :

Secondary market (Elia – Nicolas Koelman)

Prequalification – link with capacity reservation (Elia – Thibaut Gerard)

Auction Mechanism

Minimal Threshold & Cumulative Support (FPS Economy)

Status on Pay-as-Bid vs Pay-as-Cleared and Strike & reference price (Elia – Patrik Buijs)

Planning Second Semester 2019 (Elia – Martine Verelst)