Workshops "Federal Grid Code and General Requirements"

In coordination with the Users’ Group and mandated by the Belgian Federal Public Service Energy (FPS Energy), Elia is drafting a proposal for the adaptation of the Federal Grid Code (‘Federaal Technisch Reglement’/’Règlement Technique Fédéral’).

In addition, as required by the connection network codes and as relevant system operator, Elia is drafting proposals for requirements of general application (‘general requirements’).

Following the technical discussions in the Task Force Implementation Network Codes, 4 stakeholder workshops are organized to present and discuss these modifications to the Federal Grid Code (FGC) and General Requirements (GR) proposals. These proposals, together with the formal proposal on maximum capacity thresholds of type B, C and D power-generating modules, will be submitted to the competent authorities on  May 17th, 2018. A public consultation for the FGC and GR proposals will be organized by Elia in March-April 2018.


  • Workshop 1: 22/09/2017 (8:30-16:30; Elia Emperor)
  • Workshop 2 : 23/11/2017 (09:00–17:00; Elia Schaarbeek)