Installation procedure

What installation procedure do I need to follow, and how do I access metering messages ?

  • Prerequisites

    The first step towards accessing Elia metering data is the creation of an EIC code for your company. The EIC code creation procedure may take several days.
  • Request for the creation of a user ID

    The second step is the submission of a request for an EVMS (1) user ID and password. The EVMS user ID creation procedure may take several days. The password linked to the user ID is always sent by post (DHL).

    Get an EVMS user ID
  • Access procedure

    Once you have your EVMS user ID and password, you can follow the relevant procedure (see below) to learn how to access Elia metering data. The procedure you should follow depends on the solution you have selected (Business to Customer or Business to Business).
    (1) EVMS (Elia Validated Metering System) is the tool that Elia uses to publish all its metering data.

    Business-to-Customer (B2C) users

    If you have selected the B2C solution, you will not need to install anything. The https platform can be viewed directly using a web browser.

    • To log in, enter your EVMS user ID and your password in the 'Username' and 'Password' fields.
      If you have any problems with your EVMS user ID, contact or +32 (0) 2 382 21 33.
    • Click on 'Select a company' and select your company.
    • Once you are logged in, the available data will be displayed as a list. You can filter the list by metering data type, company role, metering data EAN, publication month and date of last update. You can download the data by clicking on the small icon at the far left of each row.
    • To log off, simply close your web browser.
    Business-to-Business (B2B) users

    SFTP installation procedure

    When the SFTP protocol is selected, Elia creates a special structure within a server environment. The EVMS user ID supplied by Elia will be linked to the default directory within this structure. Users must connect to the server using the following settings:

    • Protocol: SFTP (do not forget the "S")
    • URL: (do not forget the "S")
    • Port: 22 (default for SFTP)

    Tests can be carried out with other software, such as FileZilla (free and easy to use). Apply the settings shown above.
    Information about the messages exchanged, the message formats (CSV, XML, Excel), the B2C solution and the FTP platform can be found in the Metering Manual - in English.
    If you would like information about the FTP protocol and the installation procedure, contact 

Elia Metering Services
DN Grid Access
If you have any problems with your EVMS user ID:
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