Installing and access procedure

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. Business-to-Customer users
  3. Business-to-Business users
    1. SFTP installing procedure
    2. ECP installing procedure

1. Pre-requisites

The first step to get access to Elia metering data is to create an EIC code for your company. The procedure to create an EIC code can take a couple of days.

The second step is to introduce a request for the creation of a couple UserID EVMS(1)/Password. The procedure to create a userID EVMS can take a couple of days. The associated password is always sent by postal delivery via DHL.

Once you are in possession of your UserID EVMS/Password, you can refer to the next sections of this document to retrieve Elia metering data. Depending on your choice between the Business-to-Customer and the Business-to-Business solutions, follow the installing procedure described in sections 2 and 3.

(1) EVMS (Elia Validated Metering System) is de tool used by Elia to publish all metering data.

2. Business-to-Customer users

The B2C solution does not involve an installing procedure. This https-based platform can be consulted directly using a web browser.

Access procedure

  1. Connect to
    If you cannot connect to this URL, please double check your firewall parameters.

  2. To log in, fill the fields “User name” and “Password” with your userID EVMS and Password.

    Any trouble regarding your UserID EVMS, contact, +32 (0) 2 382 21 33.

  3. Click on “Select a company” and select your company.
  4. Once you are logged in, the available data will be displayed in a list. The list can be filtered on the Type of metering data, the Role of the company, the EAN of the metering data, the publication month as well as the last update. The data can be downloaded by clicking on the small icon at the very left hand side of the lines.
  5. To log out, you can simply close your web browser.

3. Business-to-Business users

3.1 SFTP installing procedure

When SFTP is chosen, Elia will create a specific map structure on a server environment. The EVMS-userID furnished by Elia will be linked to the default directory in this structure. The user has to make the connection to the server, using following parameters:

  • Protocol : SFTP (don’t forget the ‘s’)
  • URL: (don’t forget the ‘s’)
  • Port: 22 (default for SFTP)
  • Testing can be done using different software, e.g. FileZilla (free and simple use). Use the parameters as mentioned above:

Information about the messages exchanged, messages formats (CSV, XML,Excel), the ECP platform, B2C and FTP platform can be found in the metering manual.

For any information regarding the FTP protocol and the installing procedure, please contact

3.2 ECP installing procedure

For confidentiality reasons the ECP installing procedure cannot be publicly shared on this website. For any information regarding the ECP protocol and the installing procedure, please contact