The ALEGrO high-voltage line is a European interconnector linking Belgium to Germany and spanning a distance of 90 km, including 49 km in Belgium.

A key project for ensuring security of supply

The underground connection between the converter stations comprises two cables. Both cables, which measure 12 cm in diameter, will be buried along the entire route, thereby not impacting on the landscape.
The connection’s transmission capacity will be 1,000 MW, equivalent to a tenth of Belgium’s average power consumption.    

  • texteIn the interest of society

    The ALEGrO project is essential for three reasons:

    • Security of supply
      ALEGrO is one of a number of major projects aimed at sustaining Belgium’s security of supply in the medium and long term. Interconnections with neighbouring countries must be strengthened because European countries need to be able to import at least 15% of their national output from (or export it to) their neighbours. The ALEGrO project will help to protect the grid against blackouts and power shortages at peak times.
    • Integration of renewables
      EU requirements that green energy generation must meet at least 20% of the country’s needs by 2020 may be ambitious, but Belgium is firmly committed to fulfilling them. The ALEGrO project will enable renewable energy to be harnessed and transmitted efficiently to consumers.
    • Price convergence
      Opportunities for energy exchanges between Germany and Belgium may help to lower prices on the energy market.
  • texteThe route

    The cable connection will run from the existing substation at Lixhe to the E40 car park at Eynatten (Raeren).
    ALEGrO will mainly use existing infrastructure (towpaths, motorways and Infrabel infrastructure). The route was selected from a number of options in consultation with the local authorities to have the least possible impact on local residents and the environment.   

  • The best technology
    To ensure optimal use of the ALEGrO interconnector, there must be some means of controlling energy flows. The high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology used in the ALEGrO project is the most suitable way of doing this.


09 November 2020

Elia and Amprion launch ALEGrO, the first interconnector between Belgium and Germany

On Monday 9 November, system operators Elia and Amprion inaugurated the first electricity interconnector between Belgium and Germany.

14 May 2020

Glimpse behind the scenes at a converter station under construction

The converter station at Lixhe was due to open its doors to the public on 16 and 17 May 2020 as part of Open Site Day. That event could not go ahead because of the coronavirus crisis, but you can still find out more about this vital component of the interconnector between Belgium and Germany!

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