This project entails dismantling the 70 kV high-voltage overhead line between Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and the Gembloux substation and replacing it with a 150 kV high-voltage line.

An investment for the future

Elia plans to dismantle the single 70 kV power line between the Auvelais substation (located at Jemeppe-sur-Sambre) and the Gembloux substation and replace it with a new dual 150 kV power line.

Built in 1938, the current connection is nearing the end of its life and will not be able to meet the region's future electricity needs.

  • texteBenefits to society

    We identified three needs:

    • ensure the safety and security of people and infrastructure;
    • enhance grid reliability;
    • enable the integration of renewable energies. 

    To meet these three challenges, Elia plans to:

    • lay a dual 150 kV underground line;
    • dismantle the existing line;
    • switch from a single 70 kV to a dual 150 kV connection.     

    Elia plans to invest €10 million in this infrastructure project. This investment is included in the 2015-2025 Federal Development Plan and has been approved by the Minister of Energy. 

    Elia's investment policy must be pursued with due diligence, meaning that every euro spent must be authorised by one or more government(s) as part of a federal and/or regional plan and invested wisely. 

    This philosophy underpins the entire project.

  • texteThe route


28 September 2022

Dismantling of the old 70 kV connection

After 18 months of work, the installation  of the new 150 kV underground connection between the Auvelais and Gembloux substations has been completed. It was successfully energised on 20 September. Now that security of supply is guaranteed, the dismantling of the old overhead line can begin in early October. 

26 April 2021

Project to start on 26 April – use our interactive map to stay informed!

According to the provisional schedule, the project to build the first 150-kV line between the Auvelais substation and the Gembloux substation will start on 26 April 2021. 

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