This project entails dismantling the 70 kV high-voltage overhead line between Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and the Gembloux substation and replacing it with a 150 kV high-voltage line.

An investment for the future

Elia plans to take down the 1 x 70 kV power line between pylon 7 at Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and the Gembloux substation and replace it with a new power line (2 x 150 kV) between pylon 6 at Jemeppe-sur-Sambre and the Gembloux substation.  

The current line is nearing the end of its life and will not be able to meet the region’s future electricity needs. 

  • texteIn the interest of society

    Three needs identified:

    • ensure the safety and security of people and infrastructure;
    • enhance grid reliability;
    • enable the energy transition. 

    To meet these three challenges, Elia plans to:

    • take down the existing line, which is no longer fit for purpose;
    • build new infrastructure along an optimised route;
    • increase the electrical capacity to enable the energy transition.     

    Elia plans to invest €10 million in this infrastructure project. This investment is included in the 2015-2025 Federal Development Plan and has been approved by the Minister of Energy. 

    Elia’s investment policy must be implemented with due diligence: every euro spent must be authorised by the government(s) as part of a federal/regional plan and invested wisely. 

    This philosophy underpins the entire project.

  • texteThe route

    In response to the findings of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of July 2018, Elia is studying the technical and administrative feasibility of an underground connection. A new route will be presented once the feasibility study has been completed.

  • environnementEnvironment

    As a socially responsible company, Elia is deeply committed to the environment. It contributes actively to the energy transition and is particularly concerned with preserving biodiversity. It also works closely with local authorities, residents and all the local stakeholders affected by its infrastructure projects as it expands and upgrades its grid.

    In addition, an environmental impact assessment (EIA) will soon be conducted by an independent consultancy. Among other things, this study will respond to all the suggestions made at the upcoming advance public information meeting.

  • Schedule

    2015: Project included in the 2015-2025 Federal Development Plan, approved by the Minister of Energy
    6 March 2017: First advance public information meeting held.
    March 2017 – June 2018: Environmental impact assessment (EIA) conducted by the independent consultancy, addressing all questions and comments put forward at the public information meeting, among other things.
    Subsequent schedule to be determined based on the new route.

  • docDocuments


01 October 2018

Study of underground line route continues

Last July, Elia announced its intention to carry out in-depth studies into the technical and administrative feasibility of an underground line route identified in the environmental impact study.

02 July 2018

Presentation of a project status report

On 11 July 2018, Elia met the local authorities involved in the project aimed at renewing the HV connection between Auvelais and Gembloux.

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