Start of the procedure in Flanders

In addition to the 14 municipalities potentially affected by the Boucle du Hainaut project in Wallonia, two municipalities are affected in Flanders: Avelgem and Kluisbergen

As urban and spatial planning regulations are regional, a specific procedure has been initiated for the part of the project in Flanders, called Lus van Henegouwen

This procedure began with the approval by the Flemish Government this July 7th of a launch notice (GRUP – Gewestelijk ruimtelijk uitvoerinsplan) which will be presented at an information session and which already contains three alternatives (as stipulated in the current legislation). There will also be a public consultation.

All the information on this part of the project can be found here (in Dutch)

For the Lus van Henegouwen project, all our teams are at your disposal on 0800 11 089 or by e-mail at 

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