Helicopter removes marker balls on high-voltage line

As from 7 March 2022, Elia is removing the marker balls on the electricity wires between Zandhoven and Kinrooi. This is being done using a helicopter that will fly along the high-voltage line in the municipalities of Bree, Bocholt, Oudsbergen, Peer and Hechtel-Eksel. Subject to favourable weather conditions, the works will take about 2 weeks.


Removal of marker balls

As from 7 March 2022, a large number of the marker balls on the existing electricity wires are being removed. The marker balls make the high-voltage line more visible for air traffic, for example from the military airbase in Kleine Brogel. The work is being carried out using a helicopter and involves some noise nuisance for the surrounding area. A helicopter is flying along the high-voltage line in the municipalities of Bree, Bocholt (Reppel), Oudsbergen (Ellikom), Peer and Hechtel-Eksel and is regularly hovering in place to remove the marker balls. The works will take about two weeks, subject to favourable weather conditions. When the new electricity wires are installed, marker balls will once again be affixed.

Upgrading of high-voltage line

Since 2021, Elia has been upgrading the high-voltage line (380kV) between the “Massenhoven” and “Van Eyck” high-voltage stations. The high-voltage line is part of the backbone of the Belgian high-voltage grid and will be equipped with a new type of conductor that can transmit more current. This will allow Elia to better distribute and transmit increased electricity flows throughout the country in future. The upgraded high-voltage line will also make it possible to exchange more electricity with the Netherlands. This is necessary to continue to ensure the supply of electricity throughout the country and evolve towards a European energy grid. The works will continue until the end of 2024.

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