Change in planning phase 2 

Elia is currently carrying out works on the high-voltage line between Massenhoven and Van Eyck in Kinrooi/Maaseik. The planning of the works is changing due to unforeseen circumstances. According to the amended planning, the works are anticipated to end in 2026.

Amended planning

Elia is currently carrying out works on the high-voltage line between Massenhoven and Van Eyck. The reinforcement of this high-voltage line is essential to be able to transport more renewable energy via the Belgian electricity grid. The works are being carried out in two major phases. Elia is currently working between the high-voltage substations of Meerhout and Van Eyck (phase 1). These works are progressing according to schedule and will be completed by the end of 2022

From the start of 2023, the works will move to the section between Meerhout and Massenhoven (phase 2), where the high-voltage line runs largely along the Albert Canal and the E313. Because of the many works on the Belgian high-voltage grid to achieve the energy transition, the high-voltage line between Massenhoven and Meerhout can only partially be powered off in 2023 and 2024. This has an impact on the further progress of the works:

  • 2023: New electrical cables on first side of high-voltage pylons 
  • 2024: New electrical cables on second side of high-voltage pylons 
  • 2025: Replacement of the high-voltage pylons in Grobbendonk and Geel and new electricity cables on delayed parts
  • 2026: Commissioning of fully reinforced high-voltage line
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