Start of pilot project for nature management under high-voltage line

Elia and social enterprise De Winning are joining forces in a unique pilot project in Hechtel-Eksel. For safety reasons, no high crops or trees may grow under the high-voltage line. Thanks to targeted nature management, the high-voltage line through Bosland can blossom into a highway for biodiversity.

Employees of social enterprise De Winning received training on how to work safely under a high-voltage line. In a pilot project, they are removing black cherry trees to give more opportunity to indigenous species.

Pilot project with safety training

Since Wednesday 12 October, system operator Elia and social enterprise De Winning have been working together in a unique pilot project. Employees of De Winning received specific training from Elia on how to work safely under high-voltage lines, which is usually only done by specialised companies. Thanks to this training, De Winning will be able to undertake the removal of black cherry trees in the safety corridor. This will give indigenous species of grasses and shrubs more opportunity to grow, which is important in the drive to strengthen biodiversity in Limburg. After a positive evaluation of the pilot project, De Winning can compete for the official tender for the further roll-out of the nature management plan, which will take 24 years.

High-voltage line becomes highway for biodiversity 

The high-voltage line between Massenhoven and Kinrooi is currently being reinforced by system operator Elia. In North Limburg, this high-voltage line crosses many wooded areas. In Bosland in Hechtel-Eksel a 65 metre wide safety corridor has been created. Because, if afforestation or crops come near electricity cables, that can lead to faults. As a result, the power supply can be compromised. Thanks to a focused nature management plan, the safety corridor can blossom into a biodiversity highway that will benefit both animals and indigenous plants.

Watch the video below (in Dutch)

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