A 40-metre crane above the railway in Herentals

Elia is currently at work in Herentals within the scope of the reinforcement works on the high voltage line between the substations of Massenhoven in Zandhoven and Van Eyck, on the border of Maaseik and Kinrooi. A large crane is being built near the Albert Canal to protect the railway during the pulling of the new HTLS conductors. The work on this connection is of great importance for the energy transition.

The motorway of our electricity network

The high-voltage line between the high-voltage substations of Massenhoven and Van Eyck is a very important axis of the 380.000 volt network. The overhead line, which spans 15 communities in the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg, forms the backbone of our electricity network and allows for the rapid and efficient transport of large amounts of electricity. This is necessary in light of the energy transition, whereby renewable energy must be connected to and transported on the network. In addition, the high-voltage line allows for faster import and export of electricity between Belgium and the Netherlands, which is important to ensure the security of supply. For these reasons, the old conductors on the line are being replaced by new HTLS conductors that can transport larger quantities of electricity.

Project Massenhoven-Van Eyck

The works will take place in two large phases. In a first stage, until the end of 2022, the works were performed between the high-voltage substation of Meerhout and that of Van Eyck. In a second phase, Elia will address the section between Meerhout and Massenhoven, where most of the high-voltage line runs along the Albert Canal and the E313. This year and next year, Elia wants to equip the line with the new conductors. The aim is for full commissioning by 2026.

40-metre long crane arm spans the railway

In Herentals these days, the works within the scope of this project are highly visible. To protect the railway during the works to replace the old conductors with new models, the contractor has erected a huge tower crane with an arm of 40m with the aid of a mobile crane.

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