Excavation work inKruisstraat and Ernest Duezstraat

Elia is laying 150-kV underground electricity cables between Buizingen and Oostkerk. Directional drilling was carried out on Friday 22 October. The excavation work in Veldstraat and Kruisstraat will start on 8 November.


Directional drilling underneath Nijvelsesteenweg

Elia carried out directional drilling underneath Nijvelsesteenweg (N28) on 22 October 2021. Directional drilling, a technique used to cross busy intersections, was done between Ernest Duezstraat 14 and Kruisstraat 42. The work lasted one day. The directional drilling was carried out in preparation for the work in phase 5, when Elia will dig an open trench in Kruisstraat and Veldstraat to lay the electricity cables. Local residents are be able to access their homes at all times during the works. 

Excavation work in Kruisstraat and Veldstraat

The excavation work in Kruisstraat and Veldstraat will start on 8 November, with Elia digging an open trench in which it will later lay the electricity cables. Once the work starts we will provide additional detailed information via a letter to residents  and our website.

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