Excavation work in Baesberg for laying underground electricity cables

Elia is starting the laying of underground electricity cables between Buizingen and Oisquercq. On Tuesday 7 June, Elia will start excavations in Baesberg, from Dokter Spitaelslaan to Boslaan on the side of the even numbered houses. During the works, access to the houses will remain guaranteed. Waste collection will also follow the normal procedure. The end of the works is planned for mid-July.

Changed traffic situation

During the works, a changed traffic situation applies in Baesberg.

  • For pedestrians and cyclists, Baesberg remains accessible in both directions. They can follow the signposting on the road.
  • There are no changes for public transport.
  • For vehicles in Baesberg, one-way traffic (from Dokter Spitaelslaan in the direction of Boslaan) applies during the works. Motorists can follow a diversion:

- coming from Heldenstraat towards Dokter Spitaelslaan to Baesberg.
- coming from Berendries along the site at Dokter Spitaelslaan to Baesberg.
- coming from Kasteelbrakelsesteenweg via Boslaan and Dokter Spitaelslaan to Baesberg.

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