Submission of a permit application for the dismantling of the overhead line

For the purpose of the Oisquercq-Buizingen project, which aims at enhancing the reliability of Elia infrastructures in the region, a permit application was submitted by Elia in mid-October with the authorities of the Walloon Region relating to the dismantling of the overhead line between the substations of Oisquercq (Tubize) and Buizingen (Halle).

This power line dates from 1959 and has reached the end of its life. According to feasibility studies conducted for the project, the region's security of supply and the reliability of Elia's grid remain guaranteed thanks to the installation of an underground connection, which is currently in progress.

According to the provisional schedule and subject to the issuing of the permit, the dismantling of the aforementioned power line will begin at the end of 2023/beginning of 2024 and will last six months.

Local residents will be notified by Elia prior to the start of the works.

For further information relating to the project, please visit the main page

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