Temporary change in traffic rules in Hoogstraat, Moerstraat and Juniorslaan

Local traffic only

In early September, Elia will start laying underground electricity cables in Hoogstraat, Moerstraat and Juniorslaan. The work will take place between the intersection of Hoogstraat and Overloopstraat and the intersection of Juniorslaan and Kleine Heide. During the work these roads will be completely closed off to through traffic. Only local traffic will be allowed.


Through traffic diverted

The underground electricity cables will be laid under the road surface or cycle path depending on the location, which means the cycle path will be closed off. Through traffic towards Leest will be diverted via the N16, Blaasveldstraat and Brielen. Through traffic towards Kapelle-op-den-Bos will be diverted via Alemstraat and Kleine Heide. The road surface and cycle path will be completely restored once the work is completed.


De Lijn diversion

De Lijn busses for line 289 will be diverted while the work is under way. In Tisselt, the Kerk (towards Mechelen), Kapelleke and Valkstraat bus stops will be temporarily out of service. In Leest, the Van Praet and Weg naar Blaasveld bus stops will be temporarily out of service. De Lijn will set up temporary stops at Brielen (towards Mechelen) and on Blaasveldstraat at Juniorslaan in both directions.
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