07 January 2022

Belgium’s 2021 electricity mix

Record number of exports due to slight increase in production of renewable energy and a stable nuclear fleet.


Facts and figures

  • The production of wind and solar energy increased slightly in 2021 (2%), setting new records, while offshore wind production remained stable;
  • 21 May: records broken with regard to wind and solar generation (6420 MW);
  • High amounts of nuclear power generation (representing 52.4% of the Belgian electricity mix) caused gas-fired generation to decrease and exports to increase;
  • Record-breaking exports increased by 59% in comparison with 2020;
  • Cross-border trading increased for the fifth year in a row;
  • Consumption levels gradually returned to normal;
  • Average monthly price per MWh on the day-ahead market reached historic highs.

Marleen Vanhecke
Head of Communication & Reputation Elia Group

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