23 September 2022

Elia Group, re.alto and Volkswagen subsidiary Elli sign agreement to accelerate the integration of electric vehicles into the electricity system and further decarbonise society

Elia Group, its corporate start-up re.alto, and Elli, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group that bundles together the Group’s activities related to charging and energy solutions, have signed an MoU which highlights their joint vision regarding the integration of EVs into the electricity grid.

The wide-spread adoption of EVs will be one of society’s fastest and most effective routes to abating climate change in the coming decade. Additionally, EV batteries will be able contribute to keeping the grid in balance as the share of renewables in the energy mix increases. This can only occur if consumers are encouraged to valorise their flexibility, aligning their charging behaviour with the availability of affordable green energy. Consumers will then become active players in the energy transition. Over the next few years, the MoU’s signatories will identify possible barriers to EV integration and explore how to showcase its benefits, for example by developing demonstrators.

  • The three signatories will focus on removing barriers to the integration of EVs into the electricity system to deliver value both for consumers and the electricity and mobility sectors
  • The memorandum of understanding (MoU) includes four pillars of exploration: price signals/incentives; market design; trusted data; and data security and safe connectivity
  • The MoU is closely aligned with Elia Group’s focus on consumer centricity and Volkswagen Group’s commitment to accelerating the shift to sustainable electric mobility
Marleen Vanhecke
Head of Communication & Reputation Elia Group
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