06 March 2024

Full-year results: Fully charged for change


  • We've committed substantial investments totaling to €2,397.2 million in the grid, contributing significantly to society's decarbonization efforts. This has led to a regulatory asset base of €12.2 billion, marking a notable increase of 12.4%
  • Very high grid reliability of 99.9% and 99.7% in Belgium and Germany respectively, while ensuring operational excellence, quality and efficiency
  • Executing its international strategy, Elia Group has made its first strategic investment in the US
  • Electricity transmission tariffs and adjusted methodology approved in Belgium and onshore German regulation approved
  • The net profit Elia Group share totaled €324.5 million1, leading to a ROE (adj.) of 6.91%, excluding M&A cost the ROE (adj.) would be 7.14%
  • Elia Group utilized sustainable funding in the debt market to boost liquidity for future grid expansion
  • CAPEX plan of €9.4 billion for Belgium and €20.7 billion for Germany for the period 2024-2028 and the financial outlook for 2024 have been reaffirmed
  • A dividend of €1.99 per share will be proposed at General Meeting on 21 May 2024

1 Net profit Elia Group share refers to the net profit attributable to owners of ordinary shares.

Yannick Dekoninck
Head of Capital Markets
Boulevard de l'Empereur 20 B-1000 Brussels                             
Stéphanie Luyten
Head of Investor Relations
Boulevard de l'Empereur 20 B-1000 Brussels                         
three technicians with safety protection equipment looking at the see from a offshore platform next to wind turbines plus banner saying 2023 full-year results

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