Customers wishing to inject electricity into or take electricity off our grid from an access point must first sign an access contract. The relevant tariff conditions are regulated by CREG.

"Access point" is the generic term used for an injection or offtake point, i.e. a physical location where power is injected into or taken off the grid. As well as the physical location, the voltage level is a defining feature of an access point.

List of access points

To conclude an access contract, grid users must first follow the access application procedure described on our Process page.

You can view the access contract itself on our Access contract page along with explanations of  some of the contract's specific features.

Grid users must pay tariffs that have been approved by CREG, the federal regulator. You can find tariff information and an invoice simulator on the Tariffs for grid use and ancillary services page, while you can find details of basic and second invoices on the Invoicing page.