Elia records and checks the exchanges of energy on its grid every quarter of an hour. They are measured by meters that are installed and managed by Elia.

The Elia high-voltage grid includes metering devices, which we use to record and check data about energy flows at our grid connections and interconnections, enabling Elia to ensure the technical and economic management of the transmission of energy. The energy measurements comply with Belgian legislation and are taken at 15-minute intervals.

Elia has proven experience in meter management, the provision of metering and measurement data, and data aggregation and communication.

  • Elia provides market players with standard metering data, as stipulated by legislation, via suitable protocols.

For more information, see Standard metering services.

  • Market players can also take advantage of additional metering services (commercial services). All they need to do is conclude a contract with Elia for the provision by Elia of metering and data exchange services.

For more information, see Additional metering services.

  • Elia offers closed distribution system operators specific services to help them meet their regulatory obligations.

For more information, see Services for Closed Distribution System Operators.

For more information on all the services offered, please do not hesitate to contact your Key Account Manager; if you have any technical questions, please contact