November 2018

General information session

On Tuesday 13 November 2018, Elia, together with UNIZO Provincie Antwerpen and Smart ways to Antwerp, organised an information session on the Petrol-Zurenborg cable project at deSingel International Arts Campus.

The Elia project team used information panels and a foldable map to inform attendees about the purpose, schedule, works and impact of the project. Go to the Documents tab to view and download these documents.

UNIZO Provincie Antwerpen spoke to those entrepreneurs present about potential measures to minimise financial losses (, in Dutch only). Smart ways to Antwerp provided clarification about mobility in and around Antwerp.


Further information sessions will be organised before Elia starts work on the various cable sections. During these events, Elia provides detailed information about the works schedule, the location of the sites, accessibility and possible disruptions.

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October 2018 

Elia organises information session on 13 November 2018

On Tuesday, 13 November 2018, Elia is organising an information session to inform local residents and businesses along the cable route about the purpose, works, schedule and impact of the Petrol-Zurenborg project.

Business owners can visit the information session at any time between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Local residents are welcome between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Those who are interested but cannot attend at the time at which they have been invited can always visit the information session during the other time slot.

The information session is being held in the Blauwe Foyer of Kunstcampus deSingel (Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp).

The project 

New connection between Petrol and Zurenborg 

Elia is laying a double underground cable connection between the Petrol and Zurenborg high-voltage substations in Antwerp along D’Herbouvillekaai and Uitbreidingstraat respectively.


Need for the project

A new double cable connection needs to be laid between the Petrol and Zurenborg high-voltage substations for two reasons:

  • Replacing the existing oil-filled cable
    Elia is carrying out this project to replace the existing oil-filled cable that currently links the two high-voltage substations as it is reaching the end of its service life. Replacing the cable will reduce the risk of grid disruptions, improving the reliability of the power grid in and around Antwerp.
  • Shoring up the high-voltage grid
    By doubling the capacity of the existing connection between Petrol and Zurenborg, Elia is shoring up the high-voltage grid in Antwerp, which is necessary to ensure that the grid can cope with the additional load on the Zwijndrecht - Burcht - Petrol - Zurenborg axis in future.


In November 2018, Elia will start laying a double underground cable connection between the Petrol and Zurenborg high-voltage substations. The connection will consist of six sections of cable, each approximately 1 kilometre long, that will be laid in stages.

In November 2018, Elia will begin work in Nieuw Zuid. Starting in February 2019, work will be carried out along the Singel (R10). The work will be carried out in stages, with the entire project lasting approximately one year.


Laying a 150-kV underground cable

This process encompasses the following six phases:


Consultation with municipalities

Elia consults the municipalities involved and makes arrangements with local authorities and services.


The field survey analyses the location of existing utility lines, potential obstacles along the route, and other archaeological factors. This detailes study determines the exact location of the underground cables. A topographical survey is performed. Elia arranges the signage needed and potential diversion routes.

Digging of trenches

Elia begins digging the trenches in which cables will subsequently be laid. The trenches are approximately 1 metre wide and 1.05 metres deep. It takes two months to compete each cable section (around one kilometre). 


Directional drilling

Elia carries out directional drilling at intersections, waterways and railways. Elia also digs trenches, each of which is two metres wide and equipped with drainage pumps to keep it dry. Elia’s trenches are always around one kilometre long.


Cable pulling through the trenches

A cable reel is used to lay the cables in the trench over a distance of around one kilometre. The cables are laid in a special type of sand in order to control the temperature and are covered with protective plates.


Restoration of the site

Elia restores the site to its original state once work is complete.



When carrying out its projects, Elia always takes into account trees, plants and green areas.

  • When mapping the route, areas with trees and green areas will be avoided as much as possible.
  • Topographical surveys ensure that, once the work is complete, any damaged green areas are restored to their original state.
  • If Elia needs to cut down a number of trees, the same type of tree will be replanted afterwards.
  • If the same number of trees cannot be replanted, Elia will compensate for the loss at another location.

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