Documents for contractors

Are you working on behalf of Elia? Download here the safety documents and instructions to be followed when working in our facilities.

Safety courses and tests

This procedure (available in French and Dutch) sets out the conditions for taking safety training courses, sitting knowledge-based tests and obtaining safety certificates.

See page Training courses and tests for further information.


Access to Elia electrical areas (EEA)

A specific regulation sets out the rules for accessing Elia electrical areas, i.e. rules governing access, safety and the environment that apply whenever entering or bringing tools and/or equipment into an electrical area. The rules apply to anyone wishing to enter an Elia electrical area for whatever reason.

More info on FR / NL page .


GSHER - General safety, health and environment rules for contractors performing assignments for Elia

These rules are incorporated into every contract that Elia concludes with contractors and set out the safety requirements with which the latter must comply. The purpose of the rules is to enable contractors to inform employees, subcontractors and any self-employed workers they may hire about relevant risks and safety measures to be implemented.

Safety clauses

In many cases, safety clauses may also be included in an order. Such clauses highlight for the supplier the relevant statutory regulations and additional rules with which it must comply, as well as the documents (certificates, manuals, instructions, etc.) it must provide when supplying goods or services.


General Safety Instructions

The General Safety Instructions detail potential risks and stipulate appropriate preventive measures. Anyone performing work on our facilities must follow these instructions to the letter.

Different procedures containing general instructions apply to specific types of work:

  • General Safety Instructions: Substations (GSIS) (available in French and Dutch) (PDF)
  • General Safety Instructions: Lines (GSIL) (available in French and Dutch) (PDF)
  • General Safety Instructions: Cables (GSIC)  (available in French and Dutch) (PDF)

Contractors' employees must be familiar with the instructions ahead of time and be able to apply them. Elia runs a training module which contractors must follow in order to gain access to and work on our facilities. This training course is followed by a test at Elia. All those who pass the test are issued with an access badge valid for two years.


Special Safety Instructions

Special Safety Instructions must also be drawn up prior to all contracting work and require the completion of a standard form containing practical information relating to a particular job (including a list of contact persons, location and timeframe of the work) and a summary of specific risks associated with certain activities.

Different forms containing special instructions apply to specific types of work:

  • Special Safety Instructions: Substations (SSIS) (available in French and Dutch) 
  • Special Safety Instructions: Lines (SSIL) (available in French and Dutch) 
  • Special Safety Instructions: Cables (SSIC) (available in French and Dutch)