WG Belgian Grid

The Belgian Grid Working Group comprises representatives of the various categories of users connected to the Elia high-voltage grid.

  • President: David Zenner
  • Secretary: Roxanne Vande Zande

This group addresses issues associated with the Elia grid and related mechanisms, products and services that are of interest to Elia's customers.

The working group deals with a range of subjects, namely:

  • technical or legal requirements for connection and access issues;
  • the development of the grid, especially current major issues such as industrial closed networks, the development of Elia transmission infrastructure and network modelling requirements, with a particular emphasis on the integration of wind and other renewable energy sources, as well as the smart grids that will be developed in the future.

It is very important that users and TSOs share their views on these aspects with a view to developing the appropriate technical requirements for the grid and access and connection.

Members of the Belgian Grid working group undertake to:

  • share their opinions, thereby gaining a mutual understanding of each other's needs;
  • work together to develop a Belgian position that is based on as broad a consensus as possible.

The Belgian Grid working group reports directly to the Users' Group.

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