WG System Operation and European Market Design

  • President: James Matthys-Donnadieu – Filip Carton
  • Secretary: Kristof Sleurs

This group mainly addresses topics related to the operation of the high-voltage grid, capacity calculation as well as initiatives and developments directed at European integration of electricity markets (long-term, day-ahead and intra-day markets).

The group originated from the merger of the former Working Group System Operation and Working Group European Market Design as decided in the Users’ Group of 17/3/2016. Documents related to these former working groups are available here (archive).

The electrical system will undergo many changes during the next years, such as the massive integration of renewables, the further integration of the European electricity markets, evolution towards more decentralized generation, etc.. These changes will have a significant impact on both market design and system operations aspects. Therefore a close dialogue between grid users and transmission system operators (TSOs) remains of key importance.

An example where such close cooperation between grid users and the TSOs is needed for secure system operation can be found in the large dependence of the system behavior – especially in disturbed operating conditions –on how grid-user facilities respond to deviations from nominal voltage and frequency values. Therefore it is crucial that grid users and TSOs share their views on these aspects to develop appropriate technical specifications on system security.

 Members of the Working Group on System Operation and European Market Design therefore undertake to:

  • gather opinions and promulgate a position on initiatives and developments regarding European Market Design. Given the cross-border nature of the various European market design projects, the working group strives to develop and put forward a joint Belgian position that is based on as broad a consensus as possible.
  • share their opinions on system operation related aspects, thereby gaining a mutual understanding of each other's needs, thereby developing a Belgian position that is based on as broad a consensus as possible.

The Working Group on System Operation and European Market design reports directly to the Users' Group.

You can see the agenda for the working group’s meetings on the ‘Agenda’ page.