Public consultation on a proposal to update the Access Rules of Nemo Link


Elia and Nemo Link organise a public consultation on the proposed changes to the Access Rules of Nemo Link.


Elia and Nemo Link Ltd launch a public consultation on the proposed changes to the Access Rules of Nemo Link.  
The consultation mainly covers compensation in the event of curtailment of Long Term rights and house-keeping changes to reflect the latest approved version of the Harmonised Allocation Rules.

The documents consulted on, and the relevant background information, can be found on the consultation website of Nemo Link Ltd.

Consultation period

Stakeholders are invited to submit any comments and suggestions they may have on the proposals submitted for consultation during the consultation period, which runs from 3rd of May 2022 to 31st of May 2022.

Reply form

All questions and responses to the public consultation should be addressed to the single point of contact for Elia and Nemo Link Ltd at

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