Plenary meeting

At plenary meetings, the working groups report back to Elia and Elia shares information about more strategic issues.

What happens at plenary meetings?

The Users’ Group comprises representatives of the various categories of users connected to Elia’s high-voltage grid. At plenary meetings:
  • they report back about the working groups’ activities;
  • Elia shares information about more strategic issues that are not discussed at working group meetings.



There are four plenary meetings a year. Administrative duties are handled by:
  • Chairman: James Matthys-Donnadieu
  • Secretary: Jessie Moelans



At plenary meetings, the members of the Users’ Group may determine positions on energy policy and the latest trends or developments in the electricity sector. Their recommendations are then passed on to the relevant minister(s), authorities and/or regulator(s).

Below you will find the Users’ Group’s latest official positions on specific issues relating to the way the electricity market works.

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