Elia complies strictly with corporate governance rules and has established specific documents in this regard.

Articles of Association

Corporate Governance Charter

Elia's Corporate Governance Charter and the internal rules of procedure contained therein were updated. On 6 April 2023, the Board of Directors approved the revised version of the Corporate Governance Charter.

Corporate Governance Statement

Elia includes a Corporate Governance Statement in its Annual Report. This contains the information Elia is obliged to publish in accordance with Articles 96(2) and 119(2)(7) of the Belgian Company Code and the Corporate Governance Code of 2009.

If Elia deviates from a provision of the Corporate Governance Code of 2009, this must be mentioned and justified in the Annual Report ("comply or explain principle").

Activity Report by the Compliance Officer

Elia has drawn up a compliance programme in accordance with Article 8(2) of the Act of 29 April 1999 concerning the organisation of the electricity market (as amended), commonly known as the Electricity Act. This compliance programme ensures that the special obligations laid down by the Electricity Act in the area of confidentiality, transparency and non-discrimination are observed. 

The Compliance Officer is responsible for monitoring observance of the compliance programme within Elia. As part of this monitoring, the Compliance Officer prepares an annual Activity Report.

This report sets forth the measures taken within Elia during the past year to achieve the objectives set out in the compliance programme.

Code of Conduct against insider trading and market manipulation

Elia has adopted a Code of Conduct undertaking to actively prevent possible breaches of legislation concerning insider trading and market manipulation by staff and persons with management responsibilities within the Elia Group.

The aim of this Code of Conduct against insider trading and market manipulation is to take adequate measures and define suitable notification requirements for persons within the Elia Group who have access to privileged information regarding transactions involving Elia securities.

The Code of Conduct thus lays down a set of rules for these persons to ensure that transactions involving their Elia securities are carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Internal rules

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