Our mission

We will lead the way in the energy transition by developing diversified, sustainable and reliable on- and offshore electricity systems that open up new possibilities.

For a successful energy transition in a sustainable world

We will continue ensuring security of supply and serving our customers in an efficient, non-discriminatory way, whilst protecting the safety of our personnel and subcontractor.


Through cooperation and innovation

We operate and develop our grid infrastructure in close collaboration with all stakeholders. We are highly focused on safety and our goal is zero accidents. We are committed to innovation and continuously improve our operational systems. In Germany, we are already integrating over 60  percent renewable energy safely into the grid. This is how we make the energy transition happen.


In the interest of society

The electricity grid is a key pillar of the energy policy that supports our socio-economic prosperity. Elia Group aspires to be a catalyst for a successful energy transition and consequently, a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system. By building interconnectors and integrating renewable energy generation, Elia Group promotes both the integration of the European energy market and the decarbonisation of our society.


Our core tasks

1 Developing infrastructure

  • Keeping energy and consumers connected requires long-term investment in an efficient, safe and reliable grid infrastructure. Ensuring we are able to meet not only today’s needs, but the needs of future generations as well, means developing and integrating renewable resources, such as offshore high-voltage grids. Upgrading existing structures, such as interconnectors, means energy reaches the market more quickly and efficiently.

2 Operating systems

  • Balancing and coordinating an international, multi-sourced and connected grid with rapidly changing technologies and increasing demand is critical. To do this, Elia Group deploys and develops state-of- the-art processes and tools to monitor the grid in real time, all the time.

3 Connecting markets

  • We strive for a connected and efficient grid, reflected in an integrated European market. Elia Group cooperates objectively and transparently with all market players. We employ the latest technological advances and create new ones where we see opportunities to optimise the transmission and distribution of energy while managing consumption demands.

4 Trusteeship 

  • The legislator has transferred the responsibility for coordinating and processing legal levy systems to promote environmentally friendly technologies to the transmission system operators. Elia Transmission Belgium acts as a trustee towards the market participants by implementing public service obligations and collecting levies related to those.

Read more about us in our annual report

Annual integrated report

19 April 2024

Elia Transmission Belgium’s 2023 annual report

Elia Transmission Belgium’s 2023 Annual Integrated Report, "Fully Charged for Change," marks a milestone by combining sustainability and financial reports for the first time. It reflects our commitment to align with European Sustainability Reporting Standards, showcasing achievements, upcoming challenges, and trends while emphasizing integrated and transparent reporting.
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