Where can you find us?

Are you looking for one of Elia’s sites? This page will tell you how to find us. It also features maps, parking information and details of who to contact

Boulevard de l’Empereur

Boulevard de l’Empereur 20

1000 Brussels

Parking for bicycles and motorcycles
Bicycle racks are available on level -1. There are parking spaces for motorcycles on level -2.

Visitor parking
There are nine visitor parking spaces on level -1.
They must be reserved in advance.


Vaartkaai 2
2170 Anvers
Visitor parking
30 parking spaces are available close to the reception building for visitors who are not part of the Elia Group. To access the visitor car park, turn left at the reception building.


Quai Léon Monnoyer 3
1000 Bruxelles
Visitor parking
There are 18 visitor parking spaces for cars for visitors who are not part of the Elia Group. There is also 2 visitor parking spaces for electric cars, 1 parking space for people with reduced mobility and 5 parking spaces for bikes.


Rue Phocas Lejeune 23

5032 Gembloux

Visitor parking

There are 3 visitor parking spaces. They must be reserved in advance.

Avenue de Vilvorde

Avenue de Vilvorde 126
1000 Bruxelles
Visitor parking
There are eight visitor parking spaces in the car park on the left just before the barrier (Elia employees are not permitted to park here). Parking spaces must be reserved in advance.

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